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Family Engagement Tools

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"Research confirms what common sense suggests:  parents are central to the education success of their children."

From One Dream, Two Realities:  Perspectives of Parents on America's High Schools, Civic Enterprises in association with Peter D. Hart Research Associates for the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, 2008

Engage your families.

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Involving parent’s as educators at home . . . is one of the most effective ways to improve students’ attitudes . . . and their achievement.
— U.S. Department of Education, Reaching All Families—Creating Family-Friendly Schools




. . . academic information for academic success


. . .  useable information highlighting the parent's unique role


. . . parent-friendly language for meaningful communication


. . . design simple, easy to follow formats for parents and trainers

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Superintendent introducing the Parent Notebook™ Bulletins

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Find out . . . what over 129,000 families are learning with the PARENT Notebook™ tools.

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